Elko County Art Club (775) 753-8170

Monthly Meetings start at 4pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month!

Mission: Support and nurture local artists by providing opportunities for socializing with other artists, pursuing artistic growth, exhibiting and selling their art, and by developing the appreciation of art in the community. 

ECAC is committed to supporting the ECAC Gallery, open 5 days a week, Art in the Park held in July every year, and the provider of Art Scholarships for high school students in Elko County. 
Become part of the best place for artists in the Northeastern Nevada region.

The Elko County Art Club sponsors a program called “Rotating Art”. It is a collaborative partnership

between the art club, the artists and the participating businesses in the Elko and Spring Creek

communities. Participating businesses donate funds, usually between $100 to $500 each year,

to support the scholarship program offered through the art club. In turn, the participating

artists display their artwork in the businesses. The artwork is rotated every 3 months by the

artists. If you are interested in purchasing any of the art in display give us a call.

It’s a win-win for everyone! The businesses can enjoy the artwork; the artists are able to

display their work and high school seniors who are interested in further art education can apply

for the scholarships offered through the art club every spring. Some businesses choose to

donate to the scholarship fund but do not have artwork displayed in their place of business. The

Elko County Art club appreciates the support and interest in art appreciation and art education.

Rotating Art

Through out the businesses of Elko County, selected artists display their art. Businesses are supporters of the artist by providing space to display art, donations and discounts of their services for members of the Elko County Art Club 

How to become a participant of Rotating Art?

As a Rotating Art participant, you become a great ambassador for the Arts and Culture in Elko County. You provide a unique service to the community by exposing others to art and as important you help local artist get recognized for their talent.

To become part of this unique family contact our Rotating Art Committee Chair, Vicki Palagi at 208-249-9217 .



Donation goal

Collected: $150.00
Goal: $5,000.00
Your donation will contribute to scholarships for students going to college. It also contributes to our yearly event of Art in the Park.

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