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Glen Ellen Finley

Additional info about artist:

I was raised in Northern California in the scenic old mining town of Lewiston. My creative abilities were nurtured by my grandmother. I grew to love everything about textiles, sewing and creating clothing. Naturally photography became an extension of my creativity at a young age. Through the years it has become a passion and quest for the next exciting journey and story to tell. I moved to Elko in 2005. I was surprised by Nevada’s raw beauty. I did participate in the Elko county Fair in the photography and Art divisions for 5 years. I am a current member of the Elko County Art Club. I am an eclectic photographer with a wide range of interests in subject matter. My short list includes landscapes, sunsets, seascapes, floral, architecture, ghost towns, old cars and boats, wildlife. Life at its simplest form is a perfect opportunity to embark on a photographic journey. I like to travel and photograph the places and objects that speak to me and beg to be captured.

Contact Artist directly:


Glen Ellen Finley (Home number) 775-753-5365

(cell number) 775-340-8054

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Updated on: 09/29/2015
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