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Karie Denham

Karie’s versatility and exploration of art mediums brings her creativity where ever she goes. She explores “junk medium” art as well as the liveliness of color and satirical art by mixing makeup pigments into her acrylic. As a child, she expressed herself through sketches and drawings. While studying in Indonesia she learned the meaning of showing little pieces of oneself through coloring. Her paintings have been exhibited and showcased at several galleries, and she currently participates in the Rotating Art Gallery, which moves an artists work,periodically, from business to business, allowing a large audience and the ability of a large portion of local businesses to have always changing and new artwork cover their office walls.

Karie8tive Custom Arts (pronounced as Creative) is Karie's artistic enterprise and all the skills and different artistic avenues that shes capable of successfully working in. In the most recent years, 2015 to 2016 she has focused solely on art and the community has warmly received her. She has created numerous commissioned pieces for marketing purposes or advertising needed for small local businesses looking to get an edge.  Locals and Elko natives have taken advantage of her ability to not only create art, but to teach and foster someone else who is interested but finds it hard to get started in such a small town.

She loves working with new clients, and new projects, and has done large scale projects for all the the City of Elko and structured organizations, events, and private functions.

Below is a list of some of the various projects  she currently offers or has done in the past within Elko County.

Portraits with various media, murals, caricature and cartoon design for personal and business motivated missions, logo and concept design, murals and large custom acrylic paintings, interior custom paint jobs for your home or business, head-shots or basic photography needs including digital editing or website functionality, private classes taught for both kids and adults, private parties offered for your company or family and friends celebrating a special event, experienced framer in both art, archival goods, photos, and objects that require custom built housing units, experienced art restoration specialist including the cleaning, repairing, replacing and ability to imitate another artists style to return your old and damaged painting to its original state,  refinishing and renewing everything from furniture to kitchen cabinets or artistically applying any custom feature.

Contact artist directly:

Website: The Rabbit Hole Report


Cell Phone: 775-397-7090

A snapshot from one of Karie's Kids Class. This one is a group from the Kim Paris Private School.

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  • Artist in Action- Custom paint and interior design done for most homes and businesses. Help increase property value, or salvage and save existing home features before costly remodels.
  • Custom Refinishing,Antiquing and Distressed Chalk Paint Process applied to client's kitchen cabinets. Allowed client to change color and add value to home without having to replace or remodel area.
  • Custom photography and digital image edit that allows a client or a company to own rights to an image and use it for advertising/marketing, graphic design/print ads. This is a poster background.
  • Commissioned caricature piece completed for the City of Elko,specifically for the building inspectors' department who wanted to celebrate a co-worker's final days at job in a unique and memorable way.
  • Guru Nanak, Acrylic Painting, SOLD.
  • Artist Karie Denham, bottom left of photo, board member and secretary.
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