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Frank J. Henley

Additional info about artist:

My name is Frank J. Henley. I am a multi-media photographer living in Spring Creek. I make photographs from analog film or digital, sometimes combining the two into what I call digilog. My subject matter ranges from Nevada landscapes to bazaar renderings of mundane objects relating to the Nevada lifestyle. I also love capturing animals doing funny stuff, while in their natural environment. I'll make one framed original for sale, of each photo that I deem frame worthy, signed on the back, with a certificate that that is the original print. I also hand make many of my frames now. Copies of all my photos can be purchased on my website in a wide array of formats and media.

2 photo(s) Updated on: 10/26/2015
  • "Oslik a Straka"
  • "Buteo Jamaicensis"
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